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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

1999.019.163 John & Nigel off to Revelstoke, April 23, 1960

: 1999.019.163

: M11-3


: 1960-04-23

: Estate of Jean Spicer

: Jean Spicer

: 1960s, airplane, Arrow Lakes Airways, Carver; John, Edwards house (Leary/Jordan/Massey), Mount Jordan, Rothwell Bay, Rothwell Point, seaplane/floatplane, Spicer; Chris, Spicer; Crystal, Upper Arrow Lake, Waterfield; Nigel, and wharf

: Nakusp

1 colour image (35 mm)

Crystal Spicer (second right) and Chris Spicer (right) see Nigel Waterfield (left) and John Carver (second left) off at Celgar wharf as they board Arrow Lakes Airways seaplane to fly to Revelstoke, Rothwell Bay, Upper Arrow Lake, Nakusp, 23 April. Ron Jordan house seen at top

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