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1999.009.1.45 Joan Bond, Laura Calderwood, Bob Calderwood, Ken Bond

: 1999.009.1.45



: 1986-- - 1989--

: St. Mark's Anglican Church

: Doris Petrie

: 1980s, Bond; Joan, Bond; Rev. Ken, Calderwood; Laura, Calderwood; Rev. Bob, church, and St. Mark's Anglican Church (1967-present)

: Nakusp

1 colour photograph (13,2 cm x 8.8 cm)

Group seated at St. Mark's Anglican Church, 205 4th Street NW, Nakusp, 1986-1989. L-R: Joan Bond, Laura Calderwood, Rev. Bob Calderwood, Rev. Ken Bond. Photo by Doris Petrie and given to compilers Doris Petrie and Joyce Jupp for their scrapbook A History of St. Mark's Nakusp 100 Years, published July 1998.

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