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1997.002.4 No 2 Souchez (P.-de-C.) – Guerre 1914-1916. Les ruines d’un grand Village de 1600 habitants

: 1997.002.4



: 1916--

: Jean Takkinen (Estate of Ed Vipond)

: D.A. Longuet

: 1910s, postcard, and World War I

: Souchez (Pad-de-Calais)

1 b/w postcard (13.8 cm x 8.9 cm)

Postcard of ruined village of Souchez, Pas-de-Calais, France, after its destruction by the Germans during World War I. Photo by D.A. Longuet, Paris; postcard by Charles Ledieu, Arras. Inscription on rear from Fred Vipond of Nakusp, who fought here with the Canadian Corps: 'Fritz once held this town, but the French drove him out, across the swamp, onto Vimy Ridge. Their[sic] was some desperate fighting on the Ridge as the bones which are left testify. every place that we dug a piece of trench at a dugout, we unearthed some. Also, the ground was covered with rifels[sic], equitment[sic], ammunition etc. F.V.'

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