Centennial Series

All five books in this series are hard cover, 9″ x 12″, printed on glossy paper. Replete with original photographs, great effort was made to portray the history accurately, chronologically and in an interesting manner so that all readers could not only understand the stories but get a real sense of life during these exciting years of development. Based on personal interviews made by the author as far back as 1970 and an equally impressive collection of photographs (around 7000), a history of the Arrow Lakes is presented to the reader in a format designed to capture one’s interest.

The Historical Society, formed in 1984, is most proud of this acheivement that took twenty years to complete.

Payment by Cheque or Money Order, prior to shipping. Orders for these books which are placed in a bubblepack will cost (within Canada) $20. In the US the cost will be $25.

Volume 1 coverVolume 1: Faces of the Past

A pictorial overview of the entire Arrow Lakes region plus scenes from the Lardeau area.

$40 (Canadian funds)

Volume 2 coverVolume 2: Port of Nakusp

An in-depth history of Nakusp’s first 30 years from 1892 to 1922. The information in this book is almost entirely formulated from interviews due to the lack of a Nakusp newspaper in these early days.

$60 (Canadian funds)

Volume 3 coverVolume 3: Silent Shores & Sunken Ships

The story of the Beaton Arm, Arrowhead, Comaplix, Galena Bay, and the river above Arrowhead from the late 1880’s until the building of the Hugh Keenleyside dam.

$50 (Canadian funds)

Volume 4 coverVolume 4: Circle of Silver

A close look at the great mining area known as the Lardeau garnered the author, Milton Parent, the Lieutenant Governor’s award for Historical Writing in 2001. Old towns associated with the Lardeau in its heyday were Camborne, Trout Lake, Ferguson, Beaton and Gerrard.

$50 (Canadian funds)

Volume 5 coverVolume 5: Bugles on Broadway

A History of Nakusp – Part 2

A continuation of Nakusp’s history from 1922 up until 1970.

$50 (Canadian funds)

Caulkboot Riverdance book coverCaulkboot Riverdance

The first part of the book is an overview of logging and mill operations on the Columbia-Arrow Lakes Region from Castlegar to the Big Bend.

The Arrow Lakes Lbr. Co. at Arrow Head chose to transport logs from the Galena Bay area by the use of a locomotive. This company, along with the Big Bend Lbr. Co at Arrowhead and the Bowman Lbr. Co. at Comaplix, made the upper lake one of the largest lumber complexes in the province at the turn of the century.

Powerful tugs were needed to ply the heavy currents along the Columbia River above Revelstoke. Giant log jams had to be disentangled in this Celgar operation of the 1960’s. How it was done is explained by the young men involved in the operation.

$25 (Canadian funds)

Payment by Cheque or Money Order, prior to shipping. Orders for this book which are placed in a bubblepack  will cost (in Western Canada) $15 ($20 to US or Eastern Canada). For 2 books in Canada $20 and in the US $25.

Halcyon book coverHalcyon – The Captain’s Paradise

A history of Halcyon Hot Springs.