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2016.005.2 Fauquier Gospel Church, 1958

: 2016.005.2



: 1958--

: Annette Devlin and Bruce Rohn

: Walker family

: 1950s, Aspinall; Marie, Benz; Gertrude, Benz; Walter, Bradley; L., church, Detta; Amelia, Detta; Darlene, Fauquier Gospel Church, Heinzig; Mr., Switzer; Mary, and Switzer; Merv

: Fauquier

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Group posing in front of Fauquier Gospel Church, 1958. L-R: Aunt Amelia Detta, Marie Aspinall, Darlene Detta, L. Bradley, Gertrude Benz, Pastor Merv Switzer, Mary Switzer, Mr. Heinzig, Walter Benz. Amelia Detta, Marie Aspinall, and Darlene Detta are sisters.