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Arrow Lakes
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1999.019.56 Oct. 25th ’59 Nakusp – Booms

: 1999.019.56

: M4-16


: 1959-10-25

: Estate of Jean Spicer

: Jean Spicer

: 1950s, Beau Vista Motel, beehive burner, Canadian Pacific Railway workshop, Celgar, forestry, hotel, Leland Hotel, log booms, Saddle Mountain, sawmill, and Upper Arrow Lake

: Nakusp

1 colour image (35 mm)

Celgar log booms on Rothwell Bay, Upper Arrow Lake at Nakusp as seen from Spicer Farm, 25 October 1959. Celgar beehive burner at back centre behind government wharf. Canadian Pacific Railway wharf and workshop at right. Beau Vista Motel on hillside along Bay Street to right of government wharf. Harold Clark's cabins seen above motel. Leland Hotel above and to right of Clark's cabins atop the hill